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Identify financing opportunities independent of banks at an early stage and implement them independently.

SMARTeFunding@OwnMission This is how companies raise capital for a solid financing mix today! Small and…

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From the snail to the token

SMARTeFunding@Solutions The future of assets is digital! Today, assets are broken down into the smallest…

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What opportunities do renewable energy and real estate project companies have to obtain capital for their investment project?

SMARTeFunding@OwnMisssion This is how companies raise capital today as an alternative to bank financing! Project…

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How financial asset brokers and issuing houses optimize their sales processes in the digital age

SMARTeFunding@Brokerage How professionals broker financial investments today! Whether brokering investments, securities, or AIFs, financial investment…

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Why does the willingness of companies to be transparent strengthen trust in the crowd investing offers?

SMARTeFunding@Solutions Transparency creates trust – trust creates sales! Since the amount of the smallest Investor…

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Affiliate marketing – an important building block in the marketing mix for crowd investing offers

SMARTeFunding@Brokerage Advertise financial investments simply and digitally According to the Federal Association Digital Economy (BVDW),…

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The future of SMEs and startups in Corona times

SMARTeFunding@OwnMission This enables SMEs and startups to design their bridge financing independently of banks. Who…

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With SMARTeFunding@Solutions

Set up your financing platform in your branding

Finance your business projects independent of banks

Offer innovative investments with the help of tokenization

Start your issuance faster and cheaper

Reduce your acquisition, sales and administration costs

Simplify your sales workflow

Strengthen your customer information management

Focus on your core business

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