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How it works

Basic model

Your software foundation

Do you want to design a funding platform in your Branding? Then use our SMARTeFunding white-label software-as-a-service solution. Simply register online as a superuser, set up your corporate design without programming knowledge, create issuers & financial market products and start online. With the integrated web-based administration you have access to all documents of your users, such as issuers, investors, or affiliate partners at any time.

Distribution module

Legally compliant and fulfilling compliance

You are an issuer, financial intermediary according to §34F GwG or §32 KWG and would like to offer our broker prospectus-free/ prospectus-required investments, securities, alternative investment funds (AIF), or tokenized assets for online subscription taking into account an identification process compliant with the Money Laundering Act (GwG)? Then use our SMARTefunding@OwnMission, SMARTeFunding@brokerage processes while complying with your compliance requirements! Here you can choose whether you would like to raise capital for issuers of your choice following the self-issuance privilege or as a product – dependent license intermediary with the integration of an appropriateness check of your investors adapted to your specifications. In addition, our Affiliate ePartner Cockpit allows you to integrate external brokers or tipsters into your brokerage process by assigning personalized deep links (see also SMARTeFunding@brokerageMulti or SMARTeFunding@brokerageAffiliate). With the integrated tracking system, you can easily evaluate successes and provide your affiliate e-partners with extensive real-time evaluations, multi-dimensional structure management, and statistics in a back office. To increase your success, we offer you a suitable basis for every project.

Investment Model

Customizable and flexible

You have already set up your superuser account and an issuer in your corporate design and selected the distribution channel? Now you can set up a corresponding financial instrument. Choose from the following: Securities Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) or Prospectus – free / Prospectus – required assets to design your individual online subscription process. In addition, you have the option to tokenize shares of assets while complying with legal frameworks. Easily split large assets and make them more accessible to investors.

Legal compliance

Together with law firms specialized in banking and capital markets law, we design an integrative, secured and investor – friendly basis that is tailored to your selected modules and makes sense for your purposes. Regardless of whether you want to carry out your own issue or integrate an intermediary process and/or affiliate partner (advertising partner) into your online subscription process, you are welcome to make use of the legal packages already developed by the partner law firms in cooperation with us. This way we ensure that technology, payment management, and contracts speak the same language and you benefit from significant cost and time savings.



Your SMARTeFunding platform is fully set up and live – but how do you now get the word out about your issues so they actually raise capital? Our multi – channel marketing word out about your issues so they actually raise capital? Our multi – channel marketing (McM) offering from our ePromoting brand provides you with the key components to digitally market your issues. Our McM experts provide you with a targeted copy strategy and also act professionally and purposefully using the most relevant social media channels, as well as Google Ads / Analytics. Via the community platform, you benefit from an enormous market reach and can make your issue more transparent for investors through an issuer interview. Start communication, reach investors, promote issues – finance successfully.

ePlatforming operator model

if you are a savings bank or a bank and would like to take advantage of our SaaS solution, but do not have the required human resources, you can use the operator model offered by our subsidiary ePlatforming GmbH. On your behalf, ePlatforming GmbH will establish a sales company tailored to your needs, including the required investment brokerage licenses, with the purpose of operating your laaS platform.

With SMARTeFunding@Solutions

Set up your financing platform in your branding

Finance your business projects independent of banks

Offer innovative investments with the help of tokenization

Start your issuance faster and cheaper

Reduce your acquisition, sales and administration costs

Simplify your sales workflow

Strengthen your customer information management

Focus on your core business

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