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Financial distribution in the digital age

How professionals broker financial investments today!

Around 200,000 insurance brokers and 38,000 commercial financial investment brokers and financial investment advisors, who are constantly confronted with new legal regulations, are currently still subject to §34d, §34f and §34h of the Trade, Commerce, and Industry Regulation Act (GewO)and the financial Investment Brokerage Ordinance (FinVermV) in their activities and for the most part broker financial investments offered via the physical route.

Regardless of whether they are brokering investments, securities, or AIFs, financial investment brokers and issuing houses are constantly confronted with new compliance requirements.

For example, issuing houses may only distribute their products by certain legal requirements under the self-issuance privilege or, depending on the product line, only through appropriately licensed financial investment intermediaries (34 f or 32 KWG).

Necessary regulations for obtaining a financial investment brokerage license, such as proof of expertise, provision of financial loss liability insurance, etc., constantly demand a great deal of time and money from the professional group to fulfill the extensive compliance requirements.

On the one hand, the physical brokerage will continue to be subject to ever stricter regulations in the future, while on the other hand, the legislator is simplifying the way for online-based brokerage of financial investments through packages of measures. Through their form of a digital financial investment brokerage, the prescribed compliance requirements can be met automatically. In the future, digital processes will be standard in financial investment brokerage and will save intermediaries expenses.

We are facing the future and have developed standardized solutions for you with our SMARTeFunding@Brokerage processes, based on our SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) software, for digital financial investment brokerage and accompany you in partnership with your change process.

We distinguish between SMARTeFunding@BrokergeSingle, Multi, and Affiliate processes. Please have a look at the following descriptions and our blog.


With our brokerageSingle process, we offer licensed financial investment brokers an easy way to present offers, recruit investors, digitally map online subscriptions and easily manage them via a website in their branding.

eFunding@Brokerage Single


With our bokerageMulti process, we offer issuing houses a simple possibility to present their offers via a website in their branding and to integrate several licensed financial investment intermediaries into the brokerage process by assigning personalized reflinks (advertising links). Both existing and new financial investment intermediaries can use this reflink to easily advertise online for investors and digitally map online subscriptions by registering their intermediary data.

eFunding@Brokerage Multi


With our brokerageAffiliate process, we offer all our SaaS software customers the use of our Affiliate – ePartner – Cockpit. Individuals, online marketers, insurance and financial investment brokers, etc. can register as Affiliate ePartners (tipsters) and automatically generate a personalized reflink (advertising link). The Affiliate ePartners can easily place this reflink on their own website (landing page), in their social media, or forward it via email and thus generate investors. for each investor acquired through the Affiliate ePartner program, our customers can define a remuneration and generate an automatic settlement. Via the cockpit, the Affiliate ePartners can view their settlements and other approved documents.

Conclusion: With our SMARTeFunding@Brokerage processes, issuing houses and financial brokers can pursue a fully digital integration of the previously physical brokerage of financial investments and react more easily, quickly, and effectively to legal regulations in their product and sales design. 

Use the current situation as an opportunity and digitalize your sales with our SMARTeFunding@Brokerage processes based on our SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service solutions. easily broker financial products online – even without prior technical knowledge!

What kind of financial investments can I make with SMARTeFunding@brokerage drive away?

Whether assets, AIfs, or securities – prospectus – required or prospectus-free-with SMARTeFunding@Brokerage you can easily select the investment processes of different financial instruments you require on the basis of our SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions and fulfill the legally prescribed compliance requirements with the financial investment Brokerage process.

What license do I need to broker financial assets with SMARTeFunding@Brokerage? For the digital brokerage of financial investments, you need a license as a financial investment broker according to 34f GewO or as a financial services institution according to §32 KwG, depending on the financial instrument to be brokered.

Will SMARTeFunding@brokerage support me in advising my clients?

No. SMARTeFunding@Brokerage is a product module of our SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables you to map the digital brokerage process for the online subscription of various financial instruments in the same way as our SMARTeFunding@Solutions investment processes.

By using SMARTeFunding@Brokerage, you can easily fulfill your financial investment brokerage, taking into account compliance and legal requirements. This way, your customers can easily subscribe online to the products you provide on your website. You can then make the time you save available to your customers who need more advice.

Does the subscription of the financial investment take place completely online and how is the legitimation of the investor carried out?

Yes. With SMARTeFunding@Solutions, based on our SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, you get complete online subscription processes, from registration to investor identification, via mail or video identification, to subscription – no more tedious paperwork!

I don't have a website and have little technical knowledge. Can I still use SMARTeFunding@brokerage?

With SMARTeFunding@Brokerage you receive, analogous to our SaaS software solution, a standardized frontend (website) and can thus design your own website with images and text content and, after a briefing, work with the IaaS software yourself, completely without programming knowledge.

In addition, our onboarding managers will provide you with extensive support during the implementation and use of your SMARTeFunding@Brokerage platform.

How can I make my customers aware of my new business model?

Our marketing experts have created how-to guides for an effective crowd investing campaign in our marketing scout. With this, you can easily start advertising your crowdinvesting project financing via your own social media channels. Do you lack the human resources to become active yourself? Perhaps you don’t have enough social media channels, suitable posts, images, texts, or the knowledge to use them?

With our multi-channel marketing (McM) solutions, our marketing experts will support you in effectively promoting your crowd investing campaign and help you make the most of your existing reach as well as increase it through targeted social media activities.


Seize the opportunity now and expand your digital business model – high-reach, location-independent, future-proof.

Do you want to learn more about our SMARTeFunding@Brokerage based on our SMARTeFunding SaaS software solutions and our McM or ePlatforming offers? No problem! Start now and use our strengths for your business. Simply request our information brochure & offers and arrange a free consultation appointment with our experts. We are looking forward to meeting you!

With SMARTeFunding@Solutions

Set up your financing platform in your branding

Finance your business projects independent of banks

Offer innovative investments with the help of tokenization

Start your issuance faster and cheaper

Reduce your acquisition, sales and administration costs

Simplify your sales workflow

Strengthen your customer information management

Focus on your core business

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