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Banks and savings banks in the digital age and the ePlatforming operator model!

Innovative and forward-looking institutions are already offering an alternative financing instrument in combination with their traditional lending business.

For banks, lending is more tightly regulated by the Basel reforms, so that banks or saving banks are forced to demand higher equity requirements from their commercial customers. As a result, banks and saving banks are increasingly having to turn down loan requests from long-standing trusted commercial customers with a functioning business model due to insufficient equity ratios. The financing of larger unsecured shares, especially in the real estate sector, limits the bank’s lending volume. By collecting subordinated capital, also called mezzanine capital, via the crowd, companies, project developers and property developers have the opportunity to reduce or close these blank share gaps, which then also leads to a reduction in equity backing for the bank or saving banks. With SMARTeFunding@Operator, banks and saving banks receive, through the operator model of ePlatforming, the necessary commercial support (outsourcing) to operate on the basis of the SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions of eProcessing, an online platform for the mediation of various financial instruments, taking into account your compliance ad legal requirements, in your branding and thus expand your existing business model.


Conclusion: With alternative financing concepts, banks or savings banks offer their commercial customers an improvement in the equity ratio and liquidity, reducing the blank financing portion for your commercial customer and for themselves! Private customers can benefit from interesting investment projects.

As a bank or savings bank, use our ePlatforming operator model with SMARTeFunding@Operating based on the SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, and offer your investors attractive financial investment opportunities online in a simple and unbureaucratic way, while supporting your commercial customers with alternative financing instruments.

With SMARTeFunding@Solutions

Set up your financing platform in your branding

Finance your business projects independent of banks

Offer innovative investments with the help of tokenization

Start your issuance faster and cheaper

Reduce your acquisition, sales and administration costs

Simplify your sales workflow

Strengthen your customer information management

Focus on your core business

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