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Project and corporate financing in the digital age and the equity issuance privilege!

This is how companies raise capital today as an alternative to bank financing!

Germany is home to around 5 million start-ups and medium-sized companies. They account for 30% of sales and 50% of all jobs in this country and form the backbone of the German economy. Medium-sized companies thus make a significant contribution to the German economy and gross domestic product and represent an important pillar. Worldwide, German SMEs are among the top players and thus offer enormous growth potential – especially in terms of returns! In order to scale their business models accordingly, companies need healthy financing concepts to be able to compete with established competitors. Traditionally, companies are financed and supported by loans from your trusted bank in conjunction with government development financing programs. Unfortunately, the Basel reforms often tie their hands. As the bank has to demand higher equity capital requirements, the granting of loans is more strongly regulated, which means that start-ups and medium-sized companies without sufficient equity capital face an almost insurmountable hurdle.

Conclusion: Alternative financing concepts form the basis of a company’s success! With SMARTeFunding@OwnMission, you get everything you need to successfully raise digital capital based on eProcessing’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

What alternative financing options do I have to drive my business growth?

The self-issuance privilege is a worthwhile alternative. With the help of SMARTeFunding@OwnMission, you can raise capital digitally within the framework of the self-issuance privilege using our SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. There are three ways to organize sufficient funding and thus enough capital for entrepreneurial ventures. These include equity, debt, and mezzanine capital. Equity capital corresponds to net assets. It represents the money that you bring to your company from your own pocket. It has a positive effect on the balance sheet difference between assets and liabilities. Moreover, it is available to you for an unlimited period and is not subject to any repayment obligation. Due to its legal and economic structure, mezzanine capital generally represents a hybrid form of equity and debt capital. Unlike conventional debt capital, mezzanine capital is presented as equity in the balance sheet. The capital providers have no decision-making or voting rights over it. Debt capital is provided by other companies or corporations for operational purposes. Unlike equity, this financial resource is subject to repayment obligations and is always limited in time. In addition, the capital providers have residual claims, which means that you have an influence on events within the company. However, outside capital can also come from internal financing or provisions. Whether equity, debt, or mezzanine capital – with the help of SMARTeFunding@OwnMission, you can, analogous to our SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, design the entire financing process digitally and raise capital online. You have the possibility to manage all processes centrally, to have all important information at hand, and to take care of the essential, your company!

Are investors willing to invest in startups and mid-sized companies?

Since investors on the capital market are no longer earning profitable interest with conventional financial products and financial contracts, it is worth taking a look at start-ups and medium-sized companies. These often involve high risks, but the returns are correspondingly high. In addition to the high returns that can be achieved with these investments, digital investing also offers the opportunity to invest in different companies with the smallest amounts and thus achieve risk diversification. Short answer: yes, investors are more than ready! What stands and falls with everything is your business plan, in which your company is precisely defined in terms of idea, mission, and vision, future prospects, and goals, as well as the financial plan. Investors are convinced by your business plan and encouraged to invest. If your idea and your offered financial product are top, you will also find top investors. Build bonds through emotions instead of bonds through contracts!

What concrete assistance do I receive as an entrepreneur with SMARTeFunding@OwnMission?

As a leading software provider for the digital subscription of financial market products (issues), we offer, with our innovative SMARTeFunding@Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), white label solutions, the technical processes taking into account the legal requirements of the respective issues. With SMARTeFunding@OwnMission, we offer start-ups and medium-sized corporations the opportunity to raise capital for their company in a cost-effective, simple, and legally secure manner, depending on the issue offer. Since the entire process is digitized and takes place online, you have less effort to find investors as well as to market your financial products.

What requirements do I have to meet as an entrepreneur?

Your task as an entrepreneur is to develop a product or service that will attract the interest of potential investors. Your capital market product is the linchpin for the attention you need to raise the necessary capital.

As an entrepreneur, do I receive an investor network at eProcessing?

No. We provide you with a technologically simple, fast, and direct way to present your company or your project plan to raise capital with the help of your fan base, by means of an advertising campaign, in a legally secure manner. For a successful placement of your financing project, you should urgently bring along your network of potential investors. This could be friends, family members, employees, suppliers, business partners, customers, and social media followers. However, we are of course very happy to help you, through our multi-channel marketing (McM) solutions, to expand the previously mentioned points. Our marketing experts will actively support you in effectively promoting your project & company funding, so that you have the opportunity to generate new employees, suppliers, business partners, customers, and social media followers, through active marketing measures. Your existing reach will be used effectively and social media activities on relevant social media channels will be planned together with you.

How can I engage my network and motivate them to support my business?

Our marketing experts have created how-to guides for an effective funding campaign for you in our marketing scout. With this, you can easily start promoting your project funding via your own social media channels. Do you lack the human resources to become active yourself? Perhaps you don’t yet have enough social media experience, suitable posts, images texts, or the knowledge to apply them? With our multi-channel marketing (McM) solutions, our marketing experts support you in effectively promoting your project financing and helping you to make the most of your existing reach and to increase it through targeted social media activities.

What time and financial effort should I expect?

Project & business financing does not work entirely without the time and financial expenditures. Here you should note that you should plan for the following expenses:

Time expenses:

  • Creation of the content of your project profile page
  • Implementation of effective marketing measures
  • Answering investor questions
  • Managing interest and principal payments

Financial Expenses:

  • Software usage costs to eProcessing
  • Marketing costs for own expenses
  • If applicable, for booked McM services
  • Capital procurement costs to investors


Take the chance now and raise capital digitally and alternatively – high reach, location-independent, future-proof. Do you want to learn more about our SMARTeFunding@OwnMission based on our SaaS software solutions and our McM offers? No problem! Start now and use our strengths for your business. Simply request our information brochure&offers and arrange a free consultation appointment with our experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

With SMARTeFunding@Solutions

Set up your financing platform in your branding

Finance your business projects independent of banks

Offer innovative investments with the help of tokenization

Start your issuance faster and cheaper

Reduce your acquisition, sales and administration costs

Simplify your sales workflow

Strengthen your customer information management

Focus on your core business

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